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Drag measurements of blunt stores tangentially mounted on a flat plate at supersonic speeds

Floyd J. Wilcox

Drag measurements of blunt stores tangentially mounted on a flat plate at supersonic speeds

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Published by National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Scientific and Technical Information Office, For sale by the National Technical Information Service] in [Washington, D.C.], [Springfield, Va .
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  • Drag (Aerodynamics)

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    StatementFloyd J. Wilcox, Jr.
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    ContributionsUnited States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Scientific and Technical Information Office.
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Drag measurements of blunt stores tangentially mounted on a flat plate at supersonic speeds by Floyd J. Wilcox Download PDF EPUB FB2

Get this from a library. Drag measurements of blunt stores tangentially mounted on a flat plate at supersonic speeds. [Floyd J Wilcox; United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Scientific and Technical Information Office.]. conditions, and boundary-layer transition characteristics on a large flat plate in flight at supersonic speeds up to Mach The tests used an FB testbed aircraft with a bottom centerline mounted test Size: 2MB.

Drag measurements of blunt stores tangentially mounted on a flat plate at supersonic speeds / (Washington, D.C.: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Scientific and Technical Information Office ; Springfield, Va. Consider the drag on a flat plate, a sphere, and a nicely shaped airfoil, all with the same cross sectional area.

The flat plate is going to do a rather lousy job redirecting the air flow and will experience a large drag. The sphere will do a good deal. And this makes the straight wing drag coefficient lower at moderately high supersonic speeds, compared to the swept wing.

I may be wrong here because fluid dynamics is famous for introducing subtle effects that nobody would have anticipated, but I believe this issue is understood and the trade-off mentioned is the heuristic reason.

boundary-layer transition characteristics on a large flat plate in flight at supersonic speeds up to Mach The tests used a NASA testbed aircraft with a bottom centerline mounted test fixture. The primary objective of the test was to characterize the local Cited by: 3. taken as the flat-plate drag coefficient, variously as and in the literature, then "a" is called the "equivalent flat-plate area".

If "k" is taken as unity, then "a" is called the "equivalent parasite area". The "equivalent flat-plate area" is defined in this manner in Refs 1, 2, and 4 below. The "equivalent parasite area" is defined. Supersonic flow over a flat plate is a classical fluid dynamics problem.

There is no exact solution to it. Physics. Supersonic flow over a sharp leading edged flat plate at zero incidence. When a 3. ^Receptivity of a supersonic boundary layer over a flat plate. Part 1. Maximum lift-to-drag ratio airfoils at moderate supersonic speeds are determined using Ackeret's linear theory for the forebody pressure coefficient and Chapman's experimental results for the base pressure coefficient.

Two cases are investigated for both laminar flow and turbulent flow: (i) given length and thickness and (ii) given length and enclosed by: 1. drag and pitching moment. A six-component balance is required to measure all three forces (lift, drag, and side) and three moments (pitch, roll, and yaw) that determine a rocket's motion through the air.

In the figure, we see a picture of the Wright Memorial Tunnel (WMT) at the NASA Glenn Research Center. Memorandum presenting an investigation made of the effects of circular end plates on the aerodynamic characteristics of a modified triangular wing of aspect ratio 2 and taper ratio The experimental results show that the addition of end plates produces so slight a difference in the total change in static longitudinal stability with Mach number in the range from Author: Robert B Peterson.

Computer and Experimental Evaluation of Drag Reduction of Blunt Bodies at Supersonic Speeds by Counterflow Combustion - Concept of a "Flame" Spike Article. Report discussing the results of flight tests to determine the drag at zero lift of a swept-back wing of inverse taper using an NACA airfoil.

The data was compared to untapered wings with a similar degree of sweepback. The tapered wing was found to have a lower drag coefficient than the degree swept-back untapered wing but a higher drag coefficient than the degree Author: Sidney R Alexander.

obtained over the drag of a flat wing are maximum at the sonic edge condition and further that the optimum sonic-edged delta wing theoretically produces a drag due to lift only 11 per cent lower than the flat wing of similar plan form. In terms of (LID), then a 6 per cent increase in (L/D), may occur from the Size: KB.

A mm diameter flat plate for use with the AF Subsonic Wind Tunnel. FLAT PLATE DRAG MODEL AFE - Experiment Add to My Quote.

OR CALL US TO DISCUSS +44 FLAT PLATE DRAG MODEL. This model shows the flow around a bluff body mounted normal to the air flow direction, and the drag force exerted on it. Circular Flat Disk Drag Coefficient and Drag Equation.

Air Flow Drag, Drag Coefficient Equation and Calculators Fluids Design and Engineering Data. Air Flow Drag and Drag Coefficient Equations and Calculator. The drag coefficient (non-dimensional drag) is equal to the drag force divided by the product of velocity pressure and frontal area.

An Investigation of the Rolling Moments due to Measurements are presented of the rolling moments due to sideslip on Measurements at supersonic speeds on one tailplane show that the rolling moment falls rapidly from M = to M = A method of estimating the Mach number variation at subsonic and File Size: 3MB.

where: Fd is the drag force in grams, V is the air velocity in km/hr, Ax is the cross-sectional area in (ie: frontal area of body and fins). The drag measurements (Fd) were taken three times and averaged. This was recommended by the wind tunnel designer due the way the load cell operates.

The average values for the drag force. However, from Equationthe products CA. S, can be added. Such a product is referred to as the equivalent flat-plate area, /. One will also hear it referred to as the “parasite area” or simply, the “flat-plate area.” The connotation “flat plate” is misleading, since it is not the area of a flat plate with the same drag.

Hi everyone, I have to do a flow over a flat plate as well as blunt body. i am planning to run the above for three different Mach numbers 2,3 and 4.

i have to concentrate on the boundary layer generated over these bodies. Looks like this was soon after the first blown SBC was put in the car. This was the first ever Anglia with a blower motor (thank goodness for AHRA) When Skip went to the BBC, he had Jack Burr letter "Rat Motor" on the scoop.

Effect of vertical large eddy breakup devices on the drag of a flat plate Article in Thermophysics and Aeromechanics 17(2) June with 59 Reads How we measure 'reads'Author: Vladimir Kornilov. f is the equivalent flat plate area or the equivalent parasite drag area.

W is the weight of the aircraft. V is the true airspeed (TAS). ρ SL (rho sea level) is the density at sea level. σ (sigma) is the ratio of the density at altitude to that at sea level ρ/ρ SL. Multiplying by the true airspeed,V yields THPrV = σρ SL 2 fV4 + 2 σρ SL File Size: 68KB.

Unsteadiness in Flow over a Flat Plate at flat plate of A = 2 at Re = with measurements from a companion tow-tank experiment equipped The flat plate is rigidly mounted to a six-axis force sensor at one wing tip to limit lift due to backlash in the gearbox.

This setup is attached to a translation sled equipped with a. TRE SUPERSONIC WAVE DRAG CF FOREBODIES - by - P. Pugh and L. Ward SLIMMARY This parametric study examines the application of noee blunting to axisymmetric forebodies at supersonic speeds to reduce pressure drag and stagnation-point heat-transfer rate and to increase their volume.

Drag on a Flat Plate in Low-Reynolds-Number Gas Flows Quanhua Sun∗ and Iain D. Boyd† University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Airflow over a flat plate at zero incidence is investigated as a function of the Reynolds number Re and the Mach number M under subsonic, low-Reynolds-number conditions.

The flows are simulated using the. Parasite drag results from either skin friction drag or pressure drag. Skin friction drag pressure drag. Blunt bodies also experience skin friction drag on the forward portions of D\q=Equivalent Flat Plate Area (ft 2) Reynolds Number per foot x 90o 0 & oFile Size: KB.

For a plate perpendicular to the flow the reynolds number will not matter much. That wikipedia page gave a Cd for a 3d flat plate and you will probably be ok using that.

Otherwise there is not an easy way to figure this out, your best bet would be to find some reference with similar measurements. Check out my new 1st time homemade website of Nostalgia Drag DVDS 4 sale Frank Kunkel Frank K, SHARE POST # Joined: Posts: 1, Profile Page.

storm king. Member. from Morgantown, Ky. I WAS kinda wondering about that since I thought I rembered being there in '64 as well. The one question I get every year is how to determine the Drag Coefficient (C d)of the rocket more accurately.

The reason this is a big question is because with an accurate value for the Drag Coefficient, teams can reduce the num-ber of test flights they need to make. That really helps lower the cost to the students. Making RockSim BetterFile Size: 1MB.

Numerical studies demonstrate that the optimal forebody geometry for a given length and base radius has as much as 15 % lesser drag, depending on the Mach number than a cone of the same fineness ratio and that the convergence to the optimal solution exhibits a relatively weak Mach-number : G.

Natarajan, N. Sahoo, V. Kulkarni. Low drag coefficients were all the rage back in the late 70's to early 90's. I don't know why, but car makers do not bother with the drag coefficient anymore.

My guess is that car makers have to sacrifice drag coeff. so that the cars can produce enough downforce at high speeds. Question: The Figure Is An Overhead View Of A Thin Uniform Rod Of Length M And Mass M Rotating Horizontally At Angular Speed Rad/s About An Axis Through Its Center.

A Particle Of Mass M/3 Initially Attached To One End Is Ejected From The Rod And Travels Along A Path That Is Perpendicular To The Rod At The Instant Of Ejection.

I have simulated a 2D(3D as well) flat plate placed normally to the incoming flow. The Drag coefficient for 2D(and 3D) is well documented, which Cd is ~ for 2D flat plate and ~ for 3D flat plate. However, the drag coefficient obtained from my data is way much greater than the established value (I get Cd>5 for 2D case).

Using the Drag and Cost Calculators. The Calculator is really three separate calculators, configured to give you the option of a set of linked calculations.

You can calculate: Equivalent Flat Plate Area (E.F.P.A.) by entering an aircraft's top speed at Sea Level, and the Horsepower required at that speed. A drag racer can reach a speed of 53 m/s over a distance of m. What is its acceleration.

Over what distance can it reach a speed of 85 m/s. ( m/s/s, m) 8. A jetliner must reach a speed of 80 m/s to take off, and can accelerate at. Drag coefficient of the MH 24, depending on transition location. The flat plate coefficients are valid for a Reynolds number of 1'' It is quite convenient, that the minimum drag of this airfoil occurs at the same transition location, nearly independent of the Reynolds number.

The aerodynamic model cited in this paper (pdf) as "flat plate theory" was a good first-order approximation of the aerodynamics of a perching glider.

I immediately saw the similarity with the Newtonian theory that works well in hypersonics, but it is only a similarity, not the same. Around the internet I found these other two articles: and, which make reference to this flat plate theory.

2 Q2: The dominant form of drag experienced by vehicles (bikes, cars, planes, etc.) at operating speeds is called form drag.

It increases quadratically with velocity (essentially because the amount of air you run into increases with v and so does the amount of force you must exert on each small volume of air).File Size: 35KB. It depends on the position but most papers and articles I have read estimate that a road bike with clip on aerobars would produce between to CdA (m^2).

The following article on BikeRadar is good in that it gives the CdA for different set. •Wind drag coefficients table in Supports Specifications (Table ): "A value of is suggested for Variable Message Signs (VMS) until research efforts can provide precise drag coefficients.“ •The proposed research will address this issue by providing accurate drag coefficients for File Size: 1MB.Lift equals weight and thrust equals drag in this type of flight.

Newton's 1st Law of Motion A body at rest tends to remain at rest, and a body in motion tends to remain moving at the same speed and in the same direction.Experimental measurements are made in a low-speed air jet to determine the drag force on a circular cylinder.

Velocity measurements at two sections, where the pressure is uniform and equal, give the results shown. Evaluate the drag force on the cylinder, per unit width. U = 50 m/sec (= kg/m3. D = 30 mm. a = D. u = U; y > a. Assumptions.